Everything You Need to Know to Buy Unroasted Coffee Beans

You know the aromatic experience that exhilaratingly engulfs your senses whenever you brew coffee is heavenly. It grabs your attention, almost automatically pushing you to take a sip. This is the kind of impact sharp and flavorsome unroasted coffee beans have. And for this very reason, we have made it our business to inform you as completely and comprehensively as possible about buying unroasted coffee beans.

Understanding Unroasted Coffee Beans

The baseline is this, all coffee starts as a green unroasted bean. These are the enticing, raw, dried seeds of coffee cherries waiting and ready for processing. Unroasted, also known as “green” coffee beans, retain their natural, vibrant color because they haven’t been exposed to the roasting process. Unlike the black and brown roasted beans that you are likely more familiar with, unroasted coffee beans are less refined, offering the purest, most divine, and rugged coffee flavors.

Unroasted beans provide coffee lovers the chance to get up close and personal with their coffee-making process, offering the whole spectrum of the coffee experience from the farm to your cup. Without a doubt, they are your ticket to creating the perfect, tailor-made cup of java that reflects your palate preferences precisely.

Why Opt for Unroasted Coffee Beans?

Now, why should you buy unroasted coffee beans as opposed to their roasted counterparts? The answer is two-fold.

Firstly, when you purchase unroasted coffee beans you have complete control over the end product, right down to the balanced notes of flavor and the potency of the caffeine content. These beans allow you to define the complexity of your coffee’s flavor by adjusting the roast according to your taste.

Secondly, they come with an extended shelf life, significantly longer than that of roasted coffee beans. When properly stored, unroasted coffee beans can remain fresh for up to a year, allowing you the luxury of fresh coffee whenever you choose to roast and grind.

Choosing the Right Unroasted Coffee Beans

Deciding to buy unroasted coffee beans is only the first step in your journey towards the perfect cup of coffee. The vital next step is selecting the right type of beans. Unroasted coffee beans come in a mind-boggling variety, each offering its unique flavor and aroma profiles.

Arabica Unroasted Beans

Coffee Arabica, commonly known as Arabica, is arguably one of the best and most popular types of unroasted coffee beans out there. Native to Ethiopia, Arabica beans come equipped with a pleasingly sweet, slightly acidic flavor accompanied by a wine-like character accented by the fruit and sugar undertones.

Robusta Unroasted Beans

Coffee Canephora, better known as Robusta, is your go-to type if you fancy a cup of coffee with a resonant, strong kick. This breed has a harsher taste and double the caffeine content compared to Arabica. It originates from sub-Saharan Africa and provides earthy flavor notes that are nutty yet chocolatey.

Storage and Preservation of Unroasted Coffee Beans

After you’ve made the decision to buy unroasted coffee beans and picked a variety, it’s time to understand how to store and preserve them right. Cool, dry, dark – that’s the trifecta of unroasted coffee bean storage. An airtight container stored in a dark cupboard is the perfect sanctuary for your beans. Ensure the room temperature and humidity are constant to preserve the beans better and longer.

Home-roasting Unroasted Coffee Beans

Roasting your own coffee might seem intimidating at first, but you’ll find it to be a rewarding process with a little practice. Green beans can be roasted on a frying pan, in an oven or with a coffee roasting machine. It’s mandatory to have a good ventilation system around to disperse the smoke.

Through home-roasting, you control the roast profile of your coffee, and consequently, its flavor outcomes. Want more body? Go dark. Looking for fruity notes? Go light. There’s an absolute freedom to skew the taste to your liking.


Choosing to buy unroasted coffee beans promises an unmatched, inherent freshness and sharpness of flavor that roasted coffee beans may not have. So why not delve into the world of coffee at its rawest but purest form, and experience the wholesome journey from beans to a delicious cup of java yourself?

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