Everything You Need to Know about Califia Cold Brew Almond Milk

As the health-conscious culture continues to spike globally, the multinational Califia Farms remains at the forefront of health-centric beverages. One of Califia’s prime offerings, the Califia Cold Brew Almond Milk, has recently been creating waves in the industry. As connoisseurs of nutritive and plant-based beverages, we shall delve deep into understanding the multitude of features and benefits of this particular beverage.

What is Califia Cold Brew Almond Milk?

Califia Cold Brew Almond Milk is a ready-to-drink BPA-free bottle that combines Califia Farms’ signature smooth and light texture of almond milk with cold brew coffee. It is an exotic blend of flavors that not only tantalize your taste buds but also provides a multitude of health benefits.

Understanding the Components of Califia Cold Brew Almond Milk

Califia’s Cold Brew Almond Milk is composed of a number of beneficial ingredients:

  • Cold Brew Coffee: Cold brew coffee is a process of brewing coffee that entails soaking ground coffee beans in cold water for an extended period. This brewing technique results in a coffee concentrate that has less acidity and a longer life than traditional hot brews.

  • Almond Milk: Almond milk offers a low calorie yet nutritive alternative to dairy milk. It is rich in vitamin E and is often fortified with calcium and vitamin D.

  • Pure Cane Sugar: As a natural sweetener, pure cane sugar is added in moderate amounts to the recipe to enhance its flavor.

  • Sea Salt: The addition of sea salt balances the sweetness and acidity of the almond milk and coffee.

The Health Benefits of Califia Cold Brew Almond Milk

There are numerous compelling reasons why the Califia Cold Brew Almond Milk concoction should be your go-to beverage:

  • Low on Calories: With less than 100 calories per serving, it’s ideal for those keeping an eye on their daily caloric intake.

  • Dairy-Free: This almond milk is an excellent alternative for those who are lactose intolerant or choose to maintain a vegan diet.

  • Low on Carbs: A 12 ounce serving contains a mere 10 grams of carbohydrates, making it an excellent choice for individuals following a low-carb or ketogenic diet.

  • Rich in Vitamin E: Almond milk is a fantastic source of vitamin E, an antioxidant that shields the body’s cells from damaging free radicals.

  • Soy-Free and Gluten-Free: This drink is free from soy and gluten, making it suitable for those with dietary restrictions or allergies.

Revolutionizing the World of Coffee with Califia Cold Brew Almond Milk

Califia’s Cold Brew Almond Milk has swiftly taken the center stage in a world otherwise dominated by dairy and soy milk-based coffees. Thanks to Califia Farms’ innovative brewing processes and dedication to healthful ingredients, enjoying a flavorful, low-acidic coffee with the benefits of almond milk has never been easier. It’s a monumental stride in bringing plant-based beverages to the mainstream market, satisfying coffee aficionados and health enthusiasts alike.

How Califia Cold Brew Almond Milk Stands Apart

This beverage differentiates itself from other beverages in the market, like the traditional cold brew options loaded with sugar or milk, by its unique blend of healthy and delightful ingredients. It provides the nutrition of almond milk and the caffeine kick of coffee, making it a perfect morning or afternoon treat. The usage of recyclable materials for its packaging also fosters an eco-friendly image that aligns with the company’s sustainable practices.


Califia Cold Brew Almond Milk not only encapsulates Califia Farms’ commitment to product quality and consumer health, but it also represents a movement aimed at married palatable flavor fostered by plant-based, sustainable ingredients. This is more than just a beverage; it’s a testament to the future of healthy, delicious, and eco-friendly drinks.

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